short intro

oct.9, 1976
born in amsterdam, netherlands
may 1996

oct 2002
oct 2003-now
engineering degree, graduated with excellence (technical college, dept. of mechatronics, moedling, austria)
vienna university of economics and business administration
exchange semester at keio university, tokyo, japan
MBA, graduated with excellence
phd course, vienna university of economics and business administration
researcher at tokyo university, dept. of economics
experience as
independent cartoonist, freelancer for pasac music publisher (7 years), export management assistant for wine estate wertek (2 years), member of aiesec-vienna (4 years), voluntary fire fighter (9 years), unvoluntary soldier (8 months), trainee at evva inc. (2 months)
german, english, japanese
making music, listening to music, travelling, karate, skiing, running, working out at the gym, role playing games, books, japan, paintball
that's it
if, for some reasons, you need a more detailed resume, please contact me.