short intro

what i do i'm a semi-professional cartoonist, but also do illustrations and general design. my main occupation actually is studying business administration, and i'm currently writing my PhD thesis at tokyo university. but besides that, my two passions in life are making music and drawing cartoons. i was lucky, i could turn one of these into an occupation.

how it all began ever since i was a little boy, i was always drawing. mostly during school, and not just in art class. tables, books, notebooks... nothing was safe from me. my first publications were around the age of 14, a self published school newspaper i did together with some friends in high school (crammed with cartoons, of course), and at the newspaper at the camp of the regional youth fire fighter competitions.

during the years, one thing led to another, and i was doing artwork for friends, family, my music school, our fire department, AIESEC (a students organisation I was to join during my university time), and so i finally ended up publishing 3 cartoons in 3 newspapers with a total circulation of over 75.000. but rest assured, the quest has only just begun!

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